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PrintBirdie offers several options for having your order delivered. If you wish to have your order delivered, you can choose between delivery at work or delivery to another address. This way, you will always have the opportunity to indicate what is most convenient for you.


If you wish to collect your order from our warehouse, this is perfectly possible. We offer this option free of charge. So you can choose which option you want to receive your order.

HOME DELIVERY works with a standard delivery cost and this irrespective of the product, your chosen print run or the number of products in the shopping basket. Although the transport is carried out by a third party, we pay great attention to this. To maintain the quality of this service, you pay a standard delivery cost of 15.00 euros (excluding VAT) for a shipment.

This delivery cost is settled at the end of your order. We will always give you a clear and detailed overview of the various costs and the sum to be paid before finalising your order. So no hidden costs!


Each product has its own delivery time.
For most products, you can opt for standard delivery. Each option has its own delivery time, which you can always find on the product page. If you require a faster delivery time, this is possible for some products.

If you order several products at once, please note that the delivery time of your order is determined by the item with the longest delivery time.

We can turn your creativity into a finished product.