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Vinopres Case Study: " why paper mailings are more effective than emails "

Many of the older and obsolete methods certainly can’t count on a great deal of sympathy in a time where technology is constantly continuing to evolve at a faster rate. Emails were once a revolutionary turning point in the way in which we communicated with each other. Exchanging letters is now also increasingly being replaced by emails. Advertising posters have been hastily replaced by digital advertising banners on websites and apps. Digital advertising has now also become a great deal more personal, which can even result in some level of aversion to certain media, as it makes us feel our privacy has been violated.

So there have been plenty of changes where communication is concerned over the course of the years. Every form of communication has recipients and these will often be your customers! And the question is whether they have actually managed to process all these changes efficiently? Perhaps they have, but maybe not completely!

The paper mailing is also one of these forms of communication which has lost a great deal of attention as a result of technological evolution. Partly as a result of electronic newsletters or digital leaflets on tablets, many companies think they are saving costs. Even though some may perceive paper mailings as outdated, it’s actually still a very effective means of communicating with people. A paper mailing is ultimately suitable for gaining a customer’s trust and attention!

We will provide you with a number of reasons why a paper mailing could also be suitable for your service or company. A few important points and a case study:


1. Your (new) customer has more time for your company

Nieuwe klanten aantrekken

If a company takes the time to compile and send out a special leaflet or package, there will be a much greater chance of the customer actually taking the time to have a detailed look at the mailing. A paper mailing certainly looks a great deal more personal and professional than an email. Deleting an email has also become incredibly easy and a habit for most people. Throwing away a paper mailing without even taking a look at it is much harder for most recipients. A paper mailing will therefore be read by the recipient as soon as he has time for this, at which point he will definitely also be more receptive to the message.


2. A reliability factor which e-newsletters can only dream about

Many people will still often mention the internet and unreliability in the same sentence. Stories about scammers who use the internet to deceive people and companies means many are still left with a feeling of unreliability. Everyone receives almost daily emails from unknown people who are trying to entice us with something new. It’s no wonder many recipients are subsequently very critical and cautious when sat behind their computer screens.

Many people associate advertising messages via paper mailings with a much higher degree of reliability than e-newsletters. Why is that? Important letters, greeting cards, invitations, leaflets with real offers and even magazines with small gadgets will all end up in the same letterbox. A paper mailing will therefore have a higher reliability value and will be read with the rest of the mail with an open attitude. It goes without saying there are always people who have absolutely no interest in advertising (either digital or paper) and these will obviously sort their mail out beforehand.


3. Timing is important


It’s also of great importance for the recipient to receive the paper mailing at the right time. B2C mailings will be read better and more responsibly during the weekend. If your target audience is B2B, Thursdays and Fridays would be the best days to arrange for the mailings to end up in the recipient’s letterboxes. Most companies will also have a little more time at the end of the week compared to the start of the week.


4. The recipient? Your best friend!

Beste klant is vriend

The recipient or customer will naturally have to feel happy with a paper mailing. So what would be the best way to approach this? You can certainly achieve a great deal by tackling your paper mailings a little creatively. Take the paper mailing from the company Vinopres for example, a communication agency focussed on the wine sector, which was asked to develop a campaign for the Val De Loire wines.

Vinopres perfecte mailings

Vinopres sent out a paper mailing to wine traders, restaurants and culinary journalists for this purpose. The mailing included a package which consists of a booklet featuring the core message, plus all important information regarding the Val De Loire was included too. The package was made to look more attractive by packaging it in a cover which, once folded op, could serve as a holder for the booklet. A short guide – a flyer – provided as an appendix, provided the required instructions and resulted in interaction between the recipient and the printed matter. This way of working didn’t just ensure the wine traders were motivated into reading the magazine, but it also resulted in them displaying these in their own shops and subsequently sharing the message with their customers.

The result? Satisfied recipients of course! was responsible for organising the Vinopres project right from the start. The layout was discussed with the graphic consultancy Monsieur Pierre , in relation to the cover’s technical possibilities. After the printed matter – the booklets, flyers and covers, all in 2 language versions – we were also responsible for the processing. Compiling the package, covering everything and the subsequent mailing. A full-service project and one which we are naturally very proud of as an allround online printing company


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