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Outsourcing of mailings service is the online (full service) printing company for companies, government authorities and entrepreneurs. Did you know we also offer a service for paper mailings or direct mail handling (delivery service)? 

Becoming a customer certainly comes with its advantages!

Direct mailing dienst

We don’t just print, but can also unburden our customers with a personal and customised service!

  De nieuwe brochure voor de speelpleinen van Kindervreugd! Een deel verstuurd per post naar de deelnemers van vorige edities, en deel verdeeld - ecologisch met de fiets - naar de Antwerpse scholen met de diensten van Parcify 

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A personal customer approach is incredibly important in every industry. Direct mailing is a means of approaching a large group of recipients (address list or address file) with one and the same message in an effective and controlled manner. These mailings can, for example, contain letters, compiled packages, leaflets and magazines. All mailings are distributed to the various different regions, addresses or letterboxes.



For companies, organisations and governments. Companies and organisations with promotional campaigns, open door days, stock sales, corporate advertising, events, exhibitions, Christmas and New Year’s mailings, events, subscription formulas and a great deal more.


Would you like to, for example, distribute a mailing of leaflets, in order to promote your company within certain municipalities?

It goes without saying your company will have better things to do than organise a paper mailing from a to z. can help your company with the strategy, planning and execution of any such mailings. We can help your company or organisation from the initial layout to distribution. You will naturally make the ultimate decision as to from which point in the process we take over the paper mailing.

The time and costs your company or organisation will save with our service are truly immense!


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In Belgium and abroad.



To new or existing customers, members or readers, via/on:

- address

- Door-to-door distribution

- Periodic magazines ...

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By registering your mailing or door-to-door distribution online.

You can submit your request with the required information using the form below. We will be able to estimate your needs much more effectively after just a few clicks! We will calculate your request as quickly as possible and send you a no obligation quotation by return.

You can inform us whether you would like to go ahead once you are in receipt of the quotation. We will execute the paper mailing according to your instructions following your approval and consultation.

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