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Placement & replacement service is the online (full-service) printing company for companies, organisations, government authorities and entrepreneurs. Did you know we also provide a service for the placement and replacement of heras mesh panels, banners, flags, lettering and more?

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The placement of printed produced goods requires a certain expertise, effort and time.

We know companies and organisations have very little time, which is why we like to give our customers the opportunity to outsource the placement and replacement of produced goods to

We can execute the placement of heras mesh panels, billboards, banners, flags, lettering and canvases for you at any required location. This will ensure you never have to worry about the placement or replacement of your printing at certain locations!

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For companies, organisations and entrepreneurs. For customers who would like their placements or replacements to be carried out by professionals.


1) A construction company would like to have certain heras mesh panels placed at one or several yards, but is too busy for the company to carry out all this work by itself. will ensure the heras mesh panels are printed and suspended at the right locations in plenty of time.

2) Cities and municipalities want to place and replace flags at various different strategic locations on an annual basis. We place and replace these flags according to specific instructions.

3) A hairdresser would like to have lettering for his two vehicles, but doesn’t have enough free time because of all his appointments. No problem, can arrange the lettering on location. The result? The customer is very satisfied with his new hairdo. The hairdresser is satisfied with his vehicles with the perfect lettering and logos.

4) A shop would like to arrange for facade advertising with a perfect house style. will receive the design and will subsequently arrange for the placement in consultation with the shop.

5) Organisers would like to organise the placement of banners at various different places for an event/festival. We will organise the banners alongside and above the stages!



Placements are only possible within Belgium for the time being. Do you still have a proposal for a location outside of Belgium? Then do ask when you submit your request!




  • Heras mesh panels and/or billboards at yards, festivals, …

  • Printed flags and beach flags in shopping streets and public places.

  • Banners with the placements of frames on facades.

  • Lettering of windows, vehicles etc on site.



By registering your placements or replacements online.

You can submit your request using the form below. We will be able to estimate your needs after just a few clicks! We will calculate your request as quickly as possible and send you a quotation by return.

You can inform us whether you would like to go ahead once you are in receipt of the quotation. We will execute the assignment in accordance with your instructions once we have received your approval.

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