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Business Cards

The standard visiting card is made up in a 55 x 85mm format (l x w) and can be printed op paper or a PVC carrier.
Your business card is the tool of choice for a making good first impression, so don’t hesitate to make use of the options to further refine your business cards. A gloss or matt plastification immediately gives more class to a business card, while a special cutting pattern can ensure a touch of fun.


1. Choose Size:


2. Choose Paper:

  • Maco

MAchine Coated or coated paper is paper that is provided with one or more thin coating layers during the paper production process. This gives the paper a shiny look and feel and can be printed better.

- Maco gloss (SAT) or satin

for printing with a shiny character

Maco Sat

- Maco MAT 

for a matte look

Maco Mat

  • Offset paper

Standard paper, suitable for regular prints. Cheap at higher edition.

  • Bio Top®

Uncoated prestige paper without wood, off-white, manufactured without optical bleaching agents.

  • Cyclus Offset® 

A natural white, uncoated recycled paper or cardboard, made of 100% post-consumer used paper. FSC-certified, carries the EU eco-label and the Blue Angel logo. Indicates that you are interested in ecology and sustainable development.

  • Carbon paper

Carbon paper is thin, solid paper with a layer of carbon powder. With carbon paper it is very easy to copy the text on a sheet of paper.


3. Choose Option:


4. Choose Print:


5. Choose Plastification:


6. Choose Finishing: