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Flyers copy

Want to reach your public quickly and effectively? You do that with an original flyer. You can have the flyers printed recto or recto/verso. We offer a wide range of different formats and paper types.


1. Choose Size:


2. Choose Paper Weight:


3. Choose Paper (SAT, MAT, Cyclus Print):

  • Maco

MAchine Coated or coated paper is paper that is provided with one or more thin coating layers during the paper production process. This gives the paper a shiny look and feel and can be printed better.

- Maco gloss (SAT) or satin

for printing with a shiny character

Maco Sat

Maco MAT 

for a matte look

Maco Mat

  • Cyclus Print

Standard recycled paper, suitable for regular prints.



4. Choose Print:


5. Choose Plastification: