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Need more room for your marketing message or want to add a pricture or graph. In our shop, the leaflet, folded flyer or folder can be found in all kinds of formats and print runs. Wether single fold, letter fold, accordion fold, double parallel fold or parallel fold. It's guaranteed that you will find something suitable for you. We offer different types of paper (matte or glossy) and finishing.
A leaflet, ideal for briefly introducing your product or service.


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2. Choose Paper Weight:


3. Choose Paper (SAT, MAT, Cyclus Print):

  • Maco

MAchine Coated or coated paper is paper that is provided with one or more thin coating layers during the paper production process. This gives the paper a shiny look and feel and can be printed better.

- Maco gloss (SAT) or satin

for printing with a shiny character

Maco Sat

Maco MAT 

for a matte look

Maco Mat

  • Cyclus Print

Standard recycled paper, suitable for regular prints.



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