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What are the delivery specifications?

The suggested delivery times start running on the day of delivery of the graphic files and this provided the files were delivered before 09h00 and the files are print ready. In case any changes to the files have to be made, delivery time begins only when the files have been "well-intentioned".

Useful tips

In order to assist you in delivering printable files, you will find below a list of useful tips:

Always check your files for content before uploading. can not be held liable for any writing and / or spelling mistakes, incorrect images, and other substantive errors,

Use images of at least 300dpi for regular printing, and at least 150dpi for large format printing. Only in this way can we guarantee beautiful images. Next products are eligible for an image of at least 150dpi:

  • Canvas
  • Immo signs
  • Banners
  • Roll-up banners
  • Vinyl stickers
  • The flags

Transparencies can cause printing problems, make sure they are smoothed when the file is being printed.

All files must be edited in CYMK, so be sure to convert RGB files before uploading them.

We always recommend to maintain a maximum ink load of 280% (% C +% M +% Y +% K). However, if you want to maintain a higher ink size, this may result in stains in the print, or cause the print to not dry (because the carrier can not accept the ink) with the risk of sweeping as a consequence

Always respect the specified net formats. Recognize that files must be delivered in the correct format to avoid loss of quality with any conversions to other formats

Always deliver to the submitted files. The gross size to be supplied should take into account 3mm run on all sides of the file:

Gross size = net size + 2 x 3mm run
If you work with text in a file, make sure you keep 3mm of the edge (of the net size). Text must have a font size of at least 8pt and all fonts must be embedded

Any questions?

Still wondering about the format, or do you have another question about another technical aspect? Please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk. We would be happy to advise you on your printing: or by phone at +32 3 760 10 10.

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  • Custom Design
  • Excellent Service And Quality
  • Fast Delivery
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