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Are you launching a new sports club? Here are five things you need to know:


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Perhaps there is a sport in which you excel, or simply love doing. Your passion has only increased over the years. And now there is only one thing on your mind: setting up your own sports club! It is a wonderful adventure, to be sure, but perhaps you have just established a sports club and are now wondering if there are things you should be doing. Here are five things to know for an excellent start:


1. A sports club is an association involving more than one person

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Make sure that several people (usually at least three) have sufficient interest in your sports club. It is difficult to start up an association if only one person is very enthusiastic and the other two have little or no interest in maintaining the sports club. Try to stimulate people in advance with branding or merchandizing! You can do this by having items such as stickers, clothing and accessories printed with the logo or design of the sports club. 

2. Introductory event and scheduling new activities

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After establishing your sports club, you should definitely organize an introductory event! A dinner party featuring games, in combination with consumption vouchers, would be an excellent way to introduce the sports club to new people and make some money at the same time. It is easy to raise money by organizing activities such as parties, barbecues, and other events on a regular basis. However, make sure that you price your admission tickets accurately, otherwise very little profits will remain! 


3. Make clear agreements in advance

Once a number of people have joined your sports club, you would be wise to make some clear agreements. Where, when and how often will the sports club meet? Events, activities, meetings and matches should be announced well in advance on a common sports calendar. It is also important to implement fixed weekly practice days. Members of most sports clubs have jobs, children or are students. For many, the sport they practice is a hobby, and the schedule set up for your sports club should be easy to combine with the schedules of your recreational members.


4. Safely insured for sports

Blessure sportclub goedkopere verzekering en verlagen eerste hulp

Every sport is different. One sport might involve much higher risks for both club and participants. Martial arts present a higher risk of injury than dancing. In any case, having a First Aid Kit on the premises is a practical necessity for most sports clubs! Risks are often associated with the necessary insurance policies. In fact, it is mandatory for most sports clubs in Belgium to carry civil liability insurance (for everybody involved), and insurance for bodily injury (only for practicing members). Most members will be required to complete an insurance form before they are allowed to actively participate in sports at your club. 


5. Indoor/outdoor sports, with or without sponsorship? 

Hoe sponsors zoeken voor sportvereniging of club?

It is important to know at what location the sport will be practiced. Are your members participating in indoor or outdoor sports? Are the material and infrastructural requirements for practicing your sport readily available and affordable? Football, for example, can be played on a field, in indoor arena facilities, or on sand. These are three entirely different (if related) activities! Whether your sports club has access to an arena or field can make an enormous difference in cost! A field might be more difficult to find, but costs could be entirely or partially covered by finding your own sponsors. These sponsors will benefit from placing their company name on your banners and billboards. Attracting major sponsorships will require your club showing a great deal of potential, or an acknowledged history in sports. But do not worry, even a small sports club can attract sponsors, if you are willing to be persuasive and turn on the charm. For example, think of a small café or butcher situated close to a football field or tennis court. If matches are played every Sunday, surely visitors will be looking for something to eat before and after the competition? This would benefit both your sponsors and your club! 


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