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  • Fast Delivery certified with the Safeshops Quality Label has been certified with the Safeshops-label since the day we founded our company. With this label, we want to show our customers that we are actively trying to help to build the trust of consumers in online shopping and ecommerce. Online shops earn this label after a thorough screening of the security and performance of the shop. In other words, we of value the online security of our customers.


What is the Safeshops-label?

The Safeshops label is a quality label that was created to insure customers who want to buy online that an online shop is trustworthy. This means that not just any online shop can own this label. Before an online shop gets permission to show this label on their website, they first have to pass a strict procedure that focuses on the different aspects of buying and selling online.

We at are always looking for ways to optimize the online experience of our customers. That is why we find it important to offer our customers the best service and protection. has researched and tested our online shop extensively and independently, to make sure that visitors of our website can shop online in a safe and correct way.


What makes an online shop ‘trustworthy’?

Online shops owning the Safeshops label have to meet the legal requirements for ecommerce, as well as requirements set by Safeshops that contribute to a correct user experience. Below you can find some of the most important requirements all online shops certified by Safeshops have to meet:

  • Display correct prices, without hidden costs
  • Give correct and clear information about the payment procedure and delivery
  • Meet warranty terms and rights of withdrawal
  • Respect and protect the privacy of visitors
  • Show contact details like a phone number, address, trade registration and VAT number in a clear and transparent way
  • Inform about a clear complaint procedure in case of problems


Who can get certified?

Every website owner can request a screening to get certified. Safeshops, together with the law firm Sirius Legal, will then screen the website to make sure it meets their requirements. Sirius Legal also handles the certification procedure of the website itself, which shows that every website with a Safeshops label must meet very strict requirements. And that is what makes this label so powerful and reliable.

The Safehops label stands for trust when buying online, both during and after a purchase. If customers would feel they have been treated unfairly, they can always file a complaint on the website of Every complaint will be investigated immediately to make sure that the consumer is protected against unfair practices. Any customer who uses an online shop certified by Safeshops is always entitled to independent mediation in case of disputes or complaints.

The number of online shops certified by Safeshops is still rising, which shows the importance of a safe and correct online shopping experience. At the moment, about 265 shops have been certified by Safeshops. Other trustworthy quality labels, similar to the Safeshops label, are the Be-Commerce Label and the Unizo e-Commerce label.

The security and experience of the e-consumer is becoming a bigger concern for European Union as well. For example the recently changed law about geo-blocking, or the renewed agreement about data privacy (the replacement of the ‘Safe Harbor’ system by the ‘EU-US Privacy Shield’). Because the Safeshops label also monitors the European legislation surrounding online sales and purchases, all shops with a Safeshops certificate automatically have the European Security Label of EMOTA.

You as well can contribute to a better and safer online shopping experience by paying attention to the elements in this article. It is always a good precaution to check if an online shop is in line with the regulations. A shop with a trustworthy quality label on their website is always a strong indicator.


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